Events Schedule in Bali

Date Description
0000-00-00 Indonesia Independance Day

Our country independance day will celebrating by all of Indonesian with some local event and games.

2014-03-30 Pengrupukan-Nyepi Day

One of the best moment for Balinese hindu people is celebrating the Icaka New Year (the Bali hindu calender). The celebration will be starting by pengrupukan which mean bring all of the devil spirit to their own places by making noisy by bring along the devil symbol and burn it.

2014-03-31 Nyepi Day

The 1st of New Year of Bali Hindu Calendar celebrating by 24 hours off of any activities such as no light/fire, no meal, no noisy/silent, no activities/entertainment/no out of house environment wish everybody will keep focus on their life introspection after pass 1 year and wishing the beter life in new year.

2014-04-14 Purnama Sasih Kedasa

The Regular ceremony best on lunar system of the moon circulation and normally as full moon ceremony that every Balinese to be more busy than normal days with offering around and go to the house temple, family temple or around the places or office. Kedasa is the 10th month in Bali Hindu Calender. From the word "Kedasa" can be shortly mean in Bali as "Kedas" or clean. Symbolizing the cleaniest month in Bali spiritual environment. There will be a lot of temple pick this day as the blessing day (celebrating the anniversary of the temple) and also will be the big yearly ceremony in Mother temple of Bali.

2014-04-26 Tumpek Pengatag

Tumpek Pengatag is one of important celebration for Hindu people in Bali. This ceremony dedicated to the plantation around the environment. As a human being the plantation is become very important for the life by suply a lot of thing. Because of that it is very important to say thank to god by giving some offering to the plantation wish that the plantation will grow well and keep fertile to help our life.

2014-05-01 Kajeng Kliwon Enyitan

The regular weekly astronom system of Balinese calender as the special day to pray to the great power and particular of Durgha God. As the regular ceremony may have some ceremony in some of Bali temple around Bali.

2014-05-15 Sugihan Jawa

Starting of the ceremony period of Bali which happen every 6 month of Bali Hindu Calender. The ceremonial called as Galungan day and on every thursday in a week before is the first progress by special ceremony names Sugihan Jawa. This ceremony mean the cleaning of the life environment.

2014-05-16 Sugihan Bali

The 2nd process of the ceremony period of Galungan day is called as Sugihan Bali. This ceremony mean the cleaning of the our spirit before progress the main ceremony.

2014-05-19 Penyajaan

2 days before Galungan day there is one of ceremonial process called as Penyajaan. This ceremony in basic means preparing the ceremony by making some cake which will use as the offering for the Galungan Ceremony. May be this time the people consider to buy the ready made one and use this day to prepare other important of ceremonial part such as Penjor or ceremonial meet for offering.

2014-05-20 Penampahan

One day before the Galungan day there is another important ceremony called as Penampahan Galungan. This procession mean is the special day to make the meet for the offering and since during the ceremony all of the family wish to stay back home (nature village) the family may prepare more meet to serve the family.

2014-05-21 Galungan Day

One of the biggest ceremony of Hindu in Bali as the celebration the won between good againt bad. This Ceremony will celebrate in the house, environment, family temple, and anywhere around our environment. All people will celebrate it by bring the offering during the day.

2014-05-31 Kuningan Day

The final celebration of the Galungan ceremony named as Kuningan Day. Kuning means Yellow, all offering will put the yellow rice as the meaning of holy offer to ancestor since they will back to heaven after believe to came down and stay during Galungan day.

2014-06-27 Tilem Sadha

The dead moon of the 12th month if Bali Hindu calendar, as the regular monthly ceremonial every Balinese keep try to have more time before starting the acivities or after the daily work to pray with more offering than our daily offer.

2014-10-08 Purnama Kapat

The Regular ceremony best on lunar system of the moon circulation and normally as full moon ceremony that every Balinese to be more busy than normal days with offering around and go to the house temple, family temple or around the places or office. Karo is the 4th month in Bali Hindu Calender.

2017-08-23 Pagerwesi Day

The 6 monthly ceremony to celebrate of the most powerfull God by create, particular and rvising the world. Ii will be celebrate is most house and village environemnt in Bali.

2018-03-17 Saraswati Day

The biggest ceremony in Bali to celebrate the knowledge and any of life education which is be a part of the God blessing on the manifestation named as Saraswati Goddess.

Most of the Celebration will centralize by the schooll or any central public services company.